TORO 2-IN-1 Portable Volumizing Brush

Have you ever had to leave your style items at home because they take up too much space when traveling? The volumizing brush from IZUTECH is on its way to save the day, making it even easier to travel in style!

Whether you're traveling, getting ready for an event, or rushing late with damp hair, our hairdryer and volumizing 2-IN-1 brush from IZUTECH will take care of everything.

What Makes Our Products Unique?

IZUTECH's 2-IN-1 Hair Dryer with Volumizing Brush is different from typical large, heavy, and bulky volumizing brushes. We designed our volumizing brush to be the size of an everyday brush: light and comfortable. In addition, it is compact, which makes it perfect for travel too.

Designed with two oval-shaped brush heads, it's easier to get close to the roots and help maximize volume. Now, you don’t have to wait hours for your curls to dry up — our 2-IN-1 hair dryer will do the job in a blink!

Since we know how important style is, even when it comes to your hair care tools, you can also choose from a wide range of colors including Coral Red, Teal, and Iris Purple. Order your own 2-IN-1 volumizing brush today!


How Does It Work?

Even with the compact size, the heat and airflow match the performance of a bigger-sized volumizing brush. Power generation of 60Hz 125V (Single Voltage) generally takes two to three minutes to reach the ideal temperature. In just about 30 minutes, you can have dry, voluminous hair!

While we don’t compromise on performance, our 2-IN-1 is also the quiet volumizing brush on the market. These features allow any professional hairdresser to quickly and effectively achieve a voluminous look and give you the same amazing results every time.



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Our 2-IN-1 volumizing brush is an important addition — and will help you replace other bulky and unnecessary hair care tools. Beyond that, take some time to browse our other hair care products, available from IZUTECH.

Visit IZUTECH to order more products and contact us today with any questions about our 2-IN-1 volumizing brush!