Introducing the New KTX450


IZUTECH® KTX450 is the fastest 450°F heating flat iron made specifically for Keratin Treatments.

For this purpose, we named it KTX®450, Keratin Treatment Express 450°F back in 2007. Since then, we have consistently upgraded our heating performance, materials, and design to lead the international professional market. Over the years, KTX450 distribution has organically grown throughout the world. Countries in South America and the Middle East received the most benefits from flat iron due to their thick, coarse, and long hair types. IZUTECH received a vast amount of recognition and praise for the results.



FAST TO FASTER HEATING : The new IZUTECH K-RDHS™ (Korean Rapid Digital Heating System) instantly heats the plates in seconds. The amazing startup time with consistent heat delivers a shiny and beautiful finish quickly.

HOT TO HOTTER PLATES : We've increased the heating capability to 20°F hotter than our previous model. It opens to a broader spectrum of customers; longer, thicker, coarser hair. Let's welcome new customers!

FIRST FIBERGLASS MATERIAL : Faster and hotter heating system upgrades on the new KTX450 LT3 required a unique material to handle its performance. IZUTECH is the first to use a Fiberglass-Poly body to maintain structural integrity.

WIDER TITANIUM PLATES The more titanium surface that passes through the hair sets protein in Keratin Treatment better. We've increased the surface 3mm wider to a 1.25-inch plate without sacrificing the agility of the stylist's movement.

INTERNATIONAL DUAL-VOLTAGE From reliable to unreliable electricity flow in various countries is difficult to adapt. With over a decade of experience, the IZUTECH dual-voltage system safely accepts international electricity.

MADE IN KOREA : IZUTECH KTX450, the highest performing flat iron, is designed, refined, and crafted with the highest standards from Korea. Our designers and engineers spent countless hours putting together a fantastic product.