Learn Everything You Need to Know About IZUTECH Flat Irons

How Many Passes Do I Need?

No. Unlike ineffective irons with poor-quality heating pads that do recommend a silicone spray to protect the hair, IZUTECH flat irons are specifically designed with ceramic pads to evenly distribute heat and cover the follicle, thereby eliminating the need for spray. You can still use a heat protection spray, but do not spray directly onto the heating pads. Rather, spray directly onto your hair and wait for the product to dry before applying heat to avoid boiling the moisture out of your hair.


How Many Passes Do I Need?

A good flat iron will only require one pass over the hair, but sometimes you may want to make one-to-three passes, depending on your hair type and the look you’re trying to achieve. Generally speaking, IZUTECH’s ceramic and titanium plates will smooth the hair after just one pass while enhancing shine.

How Do I Use My Flatiron?

To smooth each strand/section of hair, grab a small one inch to two-inch section of hair. Starting near the root without touching the scalp, tighten the wand down on the hair to clamp the two opposing plates together, and gently yet quickly pull the iron to the ends of your hair. While you should only need one pass, you can repeat up to three times before moving on to the next section of hair. Use only on clean, dry hair. IZUTECH strongly recommends that you avoid using a flat iron on damp hair, as it can boil the moisture out of your hair and cause severe damage over time.