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Ultimate Pro Titanium

KTX®450 are a range of superior quality, titanium plated irons. They are perfect for all styling techniques, with the 1.75-inch version being specifically designed to support professional smoothing treatments. They are fast heating with the ability to provide temperatures of up to 450°F, making them ideal for all textures of hair. Turn on the power and your iron will be ready in seconds!


KTX®450 Features

Keratin SpecializedThe best at smoothing & straightening treatments that demand stable and consistent temperature. Ensures optimum results of the treatment.

Titanium PlatesQuick and even heat distribution. Extremely durable and resistant to chemical corrosion.

Korean Rapid Digital HeaterAccelerated heat up and zero recovery time, guaranteeing the consistent performance needed for all styling and smoothing techniques

Fiberglass-Poly HousingResists high heat and has a non-slip finish. Warp-free and highly durable.

Dual VoltageStyle during your travels. KTX450 works perfectly in 120V and 220V.

Made in Korea


Q: Why should I choose Titanium plates?

A: Titanium conducts heat more evenly than any other types of plates.  The uniform heat distribution ensures perfectly even results from roots to the ends of your hair, whether you’re straightening or curling. 


Q: My hair is coarser than most, will I still be able to use the flat iron effectively?

A: The texture of your hair dictates what temperature you should set your iron at. Coarse hair is naturally harder to style than fine hair, so a higher temperature is required.

At IZUTECH we recommend the following:

Fine/Delicate Hair: 380°-400°F

Medium Textured Hair/Permanently Colored Hair: 400°-420°F

Coarse/Resistant Hair: 420°-450°F



KTX®450 XLT3 TITANIUM 1.75 Sale price$299.99