Vulcann 3900 Professional

Color: Rose Gold

AC Hair Dryer

Stylists have spoken. They want HEAT and IZUTECH® delivers. The powerful VULCANN™ 3900 tames even the thickest hair. It saves time and leaves the hair super shiny and healthy. Its extra-long 11.5ft cord allows the stylist to safely and freely move around the chair.

Recommended for : Professional Stylists Styling Enthusiasts / For Wavy, Curly Hair


Vulcann 3900 Features

Hottest Dryer : Three variable heat settings tame the finest to thickest hair, providing maximum heat and styling control.

Powerful Airflow : This commercial heavy-duty, professional motor generates powerful air flow and will last more than 2000+ hours.

12 FT. Cord (Limited Time) : Extra-long 12 ft. cord allows the stylist to safely and freely move around the chair.

Light-Weight : The lightest among AC dryers (1.25 lbs / 565 g)

Narrow Concentrator : The narrowly concentrated air passageway helps to provide maximum heat to the styling area.

Diagonal Cut : The tip of the nozzle has one side higher than the other. This helps direct the flow of air downwards to seal the hair cuticles.

TUV Certified USA & Canada : VULCANN™ 3900 is certified for the USA & Canada with 1875W. It is equivalent to 2000 plus watt of the uncertified professional dryers.

One-Year Hassle-Free Exchange Warranty : We exchange the defective product with brand new one. Must have proof of purchase.




Ask a Question
  • Does the Vulcan dryer have a diffuser

    Vulcann 3900 AC Dryer does not have diffuser. Vulcann MX BLDC hair dryer comes with diffuser inside.

  • How loud is this dryer in decibels?

    The noise level of Vulcann 3900 AC dryer is about 73 dB, 2ft away from the ear.

  • What about noise is this hairdryer less noisy than the others??

    The decibel on the Vulcann 3900 AC Dryer is around 73-75dB based on the distance stylists use on the client's hair.
    We are not sure which dryer you are referring to for comparison.

  • I'm looking for a lightweight hair dryer. How much does the hair dryer weight? (not talking about the shipping weight) Thank you

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out.  VULCANN 3900 weighs 1.25 lbs (567 grams).  

    If you're looking for an even lighter dryer, we'd recommend the VULCANN MX, which weighs 0.88 lbs (400 grams).

    Feel free to reach out with any other questions!


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