Vulcann 3900 Professional

Color: Pro Black

AC Hair Dryer

Stylists have spoken. They want HEAT and IZUTECH® delivers. The powerful VULCANN™ 3900 tames even the thickest hair. It saves time and leaves the hair super shiny and healthy. Its extra-long 11.5ft cord allows the stylist to safely and freely move around the chair.

Recommended for : Professional Stylists Styling Enthusiasts / For Wavy, Curly Hair


Vulcann 3900 Features

Hottest Dryer : Three variable heat settings tame the finest to thickest hair, providing maximum heat and styling control.

Powerful Airflow : This commercial heavy-duty, professional motor generates powerful air flow and will last more than 2000+ hours.

12 FT. Cord (Limited Time) : Extra-long 12 ft. cord allows the stylist to safely and freely move around the chair.

Light-Weight : The lightest among AC dryers (1.25 lbs / 565 g)

Narrow Concentrator : The narrowly concentrated air passageway helps to provide maximum heat to the styling area.

Diagonal Cut : The tip of the nozzle has one side higher than the other. This helps direct the flow of air downwards to seal the hair cuticles.

TUV Certified USA & Canada : VULCANN™ 3900 is certified for the USA & Canada with 1875W. It is equivalent to 2000 plus watt of the uncertified professional dryers.

One-Year Hassle-Free Exchange Warranty : We exchange the defective product with brand new one. Must have proof of purchase.




Ask a Question
  • Does the Vulcan dryer have a diffuser

    Vulcann 3900 AC Dryer does not have diffuser. Vulcann MX BLDC hair dryer comes with diffuser inside.


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