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IZUTECH® VULCANN MX is the state-of-the-art dryer that boasts exceptional power and performance wrapped up in an ultra-lightweight package less than 1 lb in weight. Its strong airflow and high heat rapidly dries all hair types and textures and styles the hair in an instant!


VULCANN® MX Features

Feather WeightThis professional dryer weighs under 1 lb, eliminating stress on the stylist’s shoulders and back.

3 Heat SettingsSuper-hot (80°-240°F), quickly dries all textures of hair.The light indicator shows clearly what temperature you are working with.

Smart BLDC MotorThe brushless BLDC 1875W motor spins at an incredible 110,000 RPM and offers three air flow settings. It spins faster than a traditional AC dryer and can last five times as long. Up to 10,000 hours!

Shine Generator20 million negative ions help seal the hair’s cuticle layers, producing a healthy and silky appearance with unsurpassed shine.

2 Magnetic Nozzles2.00 & 2.50 inch magnetic nozzles and hair diffuser are perfect options for all styling and smoothing needs.

Silicon SleeveThe unique sleeve allows the stylist to safely hold the dryer in different positions, reducing bodily stress while maneuvering across all textures and lengths of hair.

3 Air FiltersThe micro filter and two additional filters make it almost impossible for the hair to tangle in the dryer.

Reverse Air-Flow Cleaning ModeSelf-cleaning reverse air flow removes any buildup of dust, product, or hair in the dryer that might affect performance. This helps extend the life of the dryer.

Cold ShotThis feature locks in all styling techniques and hair shapes.


Q: When and why would I use the 'Cold Shot’ on the Vulcann MX?

A: Residual heat in the hair may cause it to drop and lose the desired shape. We incorporated the cold shot for users to blast any creative style with cold air to quickly cool it down and lock in the shape until the next shampooing. 


Q: Why does Vulcann MX come with two different nozzle sizes?

A: The wider 3-inch magnetic nozzle is perfect for quickly removing moisture from thick hair. The narrower 2.5-inch magnetic nozzle should be used for finer hair types or when performing intricate, detailed work within your styling.